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Richele Banks, E.M.P.
About the Practitioner

Hi. I'm Richele. I attended the Cleveland School of Massage (now known as Advanced Bodywork & Massage Institute) and completed the program in December of 2003. Under the directorship of Jeff Kates, I became a certified Swedish Massage practitioner and learned techniques in Reflexology and Polarity, as well.

I became interested in learning proper massage techniques as a way of relieving increased muscle spasticity for my daughter, Mallary. A few years prior, she had been diagnosed with a rare, terminal neurological disease known as Alexander's Disease. As the disease progressed, the more tense her muscles and limbs became. Performing even general massage strokes on Mallary helped to reduce overall muscle tension and pain and helped her to relax and exhale.  Mallary K. Banks, March 15, 1995 - October 9, 2008. 

Years later my mother, Millie, was diagnosed with cancer (first cervical, then lung). Initially I was leery about performing massage on her as I did not want to exacerbate any pain or discomfort she was already experiencing. However, I remembered the Polarity techniques that I learned and thought this might help reduce some of the pain caused by the tumor. To my mother's surprise, it did help and I hadn't physically touched her! We both became comfortable with and ready to try other techniques. In short, light, general massage strokes served to bring some relief to a beautiful woman who was suffering from grief, loss, depression, and physical sickness. Massage complemented treatment from medications, chemotherapy, and radiation that she was already receiving. Touch from massage brought her much needed emotional and spiritual comfort.  Mildred D. Brooks, July 17, 1943 - March 13, 2012.

It is my desire to provide massage services in hopes of bringing comfort, relief, and relaxation to others.  To honor my Mallary and my Millie, I especially want to cater to those dealing with cancer, children with special needs, caretakers, and people struggling with grief and loss issues.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my son, Cooper, family and friends.  I am also getting more involved in cancer charity events by volunteering my services in memory of my mother and other family members who have succumbed to this disease as well as those still fighting it today.  

My career is in special education working with older teens with emotional and behavioral disorders.  I am currently exploring the positive impact of massage on symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).   

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